Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs

Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs
Financial domination guide

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Where to begin? Begin with these Financial Domination PTV's. They are the basic findom guide payment buttons that will help you get started.

Putting yourself Out there
It's hard to get started and know where to begin. You feel you are ready to step into the Financial Domination world but where do you get started? Don't worry, I will guide you in the right direction.

Getting to know your Slave
You are at your first session with your slave and you don't know how to get started. I get the question several times. You have them hooked but now what do you do from here. You are at a writers block. This PTV is a quick and simple guide and how to

Creating your Inner goddess
Let your alpha female shine out. Confidence is the key. This reading will have some techniques on bringing out your inner goddess.

Clips - A few PTVs on Clips

Introduction to clips

I want you to start off with this small introductions to clips and where to get started with your clips. This is how to guide in getting started with your clips and

Maximizing clip profits

It takes marketing skills and hard work to produce that perfect clips and to maximize the most profit in your clips.

Getting to know the fetishes
There are many fetishes out there. I am going to go over the most known fetishes in Financial domination and show you how to profit from each fetish.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


First, you need to think about safety before becoming an online Financial Domme. There is a lot to consider before you step your feet in the water, but safety is one of the first things you should consider.

First, I am going to say this before I give any pointers. This is not a get rich quick scheme. If you're in this just for that than you will lose your time and gain no money. You cannot be a financial domme just sitting here saying "gimme, gimme, gimme because I am a princess and I deserve it." I am sorry but it doesn't work that way. I am not trying to create an insta domme. I am trying to guide you a little bit to help you take the first step. Many girls learn about it and sign up a few seconds later creating and think that the money will come crawling to them. You will look like an idiot and will have to work hard to prove that you are truly in it for the right reason. In addition, the subs will see that and take advantage of you. These guides are only for those who are truly interested in the fetish.

You will want to hide your real identity and make sure it's impossible to find out who you are. A lot of young girls enter and they use their real name or real address in their wishlist, bio, alias, etc. Do not give out any information that would be able to be used to find you. Even top dommes who have been around for a long time are easy to find. I have found a few. No, I am not going to say who and what is is. I am not here to expose anyone.

The first thing you need to do is create a p.o box. Yes, get a p.o box in the next town, if possible. You need to have this if your going to have a wishlist. Some third parties outside of Amazon share your address (for both the sub and domme). This is a warning to both.

Paypal doesn't accept adult transactions, but I know new people who enter the scene will use it anyway so I will say this: Use a business account so you can have a business name and do not use your real name and address. I strongly suggest you to use Alertpay, Greendot, Kinkbomb, Clipvia or Niteflirt as top tribute opportunities. Alertpay is same as Paypal: Use business account: It's free! In addition, it's anonymous for both. Also, be aware of western union: you will have to use your real name.

So, you already know you might want to be a domme and afraid of people finding out your true identity? Create a fake real personality. Don't tie that with your domme account, but leave hints to that fake real person accidentally on purpose. You're confused? Create a mylife, myspace, classmates, twitter, etc with your real pictures but under a made up name. Have some picture of you partying. Have you or are you going to use some regular photos in your Domme profiles? Put those in your fake real profile. They will find your fake real profile easily if they decide to find you and they will stop at that. I know some might disagree with this, but trust me: former subs might have a grudge or crazy stalkers. A few dommes have been a victim to this. You do not want this to happen to you. I can already hear a few dommes ask WTF is she thinking. I am not helping them create fake content dommes. Many create fake profiles because they don't want people to find them out. In addition, it will be easier to make it believable that someone else is using your photos if a friend or family member happen to stumble upon your financial domination personality.

Go to when and check to see if a photo you are using will connect you with your real myspace, facebook, twitter, etc before using it in your domme profile.

Search Engines
Try to make your real name and personable unable to find through search engines. Never know when your real name will be found. Use only First name initial and last name initial.

There are many things to consider as a post. This is just a starting guide. The rest is for you to find out through experience and research

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