Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs

Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs
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Chronological Order

Where to begin? Begin with these Financial Domination PTV's. They are the basic findom guide payment buttons that will help you get started.

Putting yourself Out there
It's hard to get started and know where to begin. You feel you are ready to step into the Financial Domination world but where do you get started? Don't worry, I will guide you in the right direction.

Getting to know your Slave
You are at your first session with your slave and you don't know how to get started. I get the question several times. You have them hooked but now what do you do from here. You are at a writers block. This PTV is a quick and simple guide and how to

Creating your Inner goddess
Let your alpha female shine out. Confidence is the key. This reading will have some techniques on bringing out your inner goddess.

Clips - A few PTVs on Clips

Introduction to clips

I want you to start off with this small introductions to clips and where to get started with your clips. This is how to guide in getting started with your clips and

Maximizing clip profits

It takes marketing skills and hard work to produce that perfect clips and to maximize the most profit in your clips.

Getting to know the fetishes
There are many fetishes out there. I am going to go over the most known fetishes in Financial domination and show you how to profit from each fetish.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Sexualizing Financial domination

Financial domination is the ultimate sacrifice. The key to success in Financial Domination is to sexualize it.


Fall deeper into subspace - submission through objectifying and isolation

Have you had your grip on a slave who you had under your grip they started to tribute. They have tribute a small amount, they went further and gave another tribute. You saw that they opened that big tribute and all of a sudden...bam! They disappeared and they are now telling you NO! They have slipped out of sub space. You have lost them. That's a major lost. They were going to spend so much but they have lost their will to serve because they weren't that deep in their servitude to you. There were many distractions.

They weren't as willing as you thought. Are you willing to take the next step to get them to be your slave completely? It takes dedications from both ends. First, you need to isolate them from the world and make their world all about you. Their surroundings is all about them and that is the issue. Next, they need to be objectified. They are seeing themselves as a person with free will. Their only will needs to be about serving you.


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Create your Inner goddess part three

Confidence is the key. It's the main key to be successful in Financial Domination. We are all goddesses. Someone of us are not allowing our inner goddess to shine as bright as others do. This PTV will help guide you in the write direction in your path to growth into becoming a goddess

Inner Goddess Part 3:

What do you like the most about yourself?
What are the greatest qualities that you want to have?

Halloween Treat

It's that time of the month. I going to give you a treat. Several Halloween themed PTV's and games that you can use:
  1. All tricks no treats
  2. Trick or Treat?
  3.  Jack Off 
  4. 31 days of halloween
  5. Halloween photo set ideas
  6. Fetish clips
  7. Ways to get spoiled on halloween
  8. Halloween Treats

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Luxury spa day

In celebration of luxury day I wanted to tell you how I celebrated the day of luxury. The girls and I decided to spend a whole day to spoiling each other and spoiling ourselves. This experience has inspired me to create a day dedicated to this to remind all of us that we need a day to ourselves. I started with a big breakfast with the ones I love the most. We try to make a day of it. I went to a nice spa where you can spend all day. You can spend your time in the hot tub as you wait for your appointment. They have nice luxurious lotions, creams and fragrance you can try on. They also have hors d'oeuvres, spa water and calming music to relax anyone. Soft robes, towels and slippers were provided. There was even a feating place so you can relax after the massage.

After the massage, we went out for brunch. There was a plethora of items from different variety. From different kinds of pancakes, waffles, fruits, juices, donuts. I could customize my own omelet, french toast and so much more. There was also endless mimosas.

After brunch, we went shopping at our favorite stores. We decided that it was time to update our wardrobe. We got a whole wardrobe from shoes, lingerie and jewelry. We got a makeover at our favorite makeup counters.

We went to our favorite salon and changed our hair from style color and highlights.

We finished the night with dinner and a movie and it was the perfect ending.

Luxury day shouldn't be just one day of the year. It's just a reminder to treat yourself and have others spoil you. Remember, ladies indulge in the finer things in life.

Luxury Day - my own holiday

I am going try something new because I want this page to be more interactive. I created a whole day dedicated to being spoiled in luxury. A great benefit to being in financial domination is about being spoiled with luxuries.

What is luxury day about? It's about celebrating the luxury of financial domination. Its about indulging in your greed. Offering ways to be spoiled. Make a list of items that you desire. It's a second christmas.

Make a wishlist whether it's a spa day, hair salon, candy, diamonds, items from amazon, Victoria's secret. Make the list luxurious as you please. Make the list bling with any kind of graphics and explain how you will enjoy your luxuries.

This is the interactive part. I want you post your top three wishes in your luxurious list and give them opportunity to fulfill your wishes. Tell them how they can tribute. Make it possible to send these tributes anonymously.

This is not spam. I usually don't allow posts in the comments aaking for tributes or advertise themselves. This is the only post I am allowing it unless stated in another post. I am giving you a treat. I am offering my fellow fellow goddesses an opportunity to shine and indulge in the luxurious desires. A goddes deserves to be spoiled everyday. I am dedicating a day to it.

Also, be grateful and state if your wish has been fulfilled. Posting your wishes doesn't have a deadline. You can post all year round.

Happy wishes and #happyluxuryday. Luxury day doesn't have to be just a tribute from a sub. Ladies, You can also send a surprise to your fellow goddess of your choice if you see someone worthy.

My Three Wishes: In No particular order

  1.   New Lingerie from Victoria's secret
  2. Tribute from NiteFlirt  
  3. Starbucks Related image Gift card

I would love for ideas to create more interactive for this blog. I get so many hits on here. Do you want to do a guest piece based on your experience, give some advice, or have your own idea? Email me at! Thank you!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Becoming successful

What makes a new domme successful? What changes someone to become a newbie to a pro or from unsuccessful to top ranking? What are the attributes that make them shine above the rest? What do they do that you aren't doing?

I know we all want to be the best and earn as much as we can without wasting our time. I know our time is precious. There are some "hidden secrets" That these more successful girls know that you aren't aware of

There are a lot of failures and very few triumphs for most of us. They have some kind of advantage over you because they have qualities of a successful Financial Domination Goddess, princess, Mistress or whatever your title is. Yes, there are qualities that can make you successful. You can obtain them if you truly desire it.

My blog has a lot of tips on time management and they are very informational because we never want to waste our time trying to succeed if it isn't working. Time Management skills is imperative to gain a return on investment. 

Make yourself known. You are not going to attract anyone if you do not put yourself out there and create a presence. 

This PTV has tips on what qualities the successful Dommes have, the most important tip and how to apply it

My creating your inner goddess series has some great information to create your inner goddess and glow within

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