Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs

Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs
Financial domination guide

Sub Corner

Entering the world of financial domination is scary for subs as well. You will feel more comfortable with a little guidance. I will offer you with the tools to help you set yourself apart from the other subs. I will guide you to be respectful and make the best first impression on your financial domme. She will will guide you once you get her attention and you become hers.

Resources for new subs to learn when they start. I will have advice on how to find the right domme, please your desire of your dreams, get their attention and more! I will also have a place where you can find your dream financial domme. More to come soon....

A few words of advice:
1. Do your research - Did you find someone and you are excited to contact her with questions immediately? Stop! They have instructions on their sites, blogs and more. You will be ignored if you act impulsively. Follow their instructions and get to know them through research. They do not want to answer questions that they have already put in writing for the public.

2. Send a gratitude before reaching out to them. They will notice if you had purchase their content, send gifts or tributes before contacting them. Don't expect anything for purchasing their content. That is for your enjoyment. 

3. Be honest. In your introduction be honest about what you are desiring from this relationship. Do not ever lie even if it is to get their attention. You want to get the most experience. You will be wasting both of your time if you later find out it's not a good match because of something you weren't honest about. 

4. know yourself. Explore your interest and what you are looking for. This is the part of the research. Knowing all of your fetishes will help both of you try to understand what will work best. Also try to determine your limits

5. Ways to find out if she is real: watch her videos, read, research. Does she have videos available? watch them because most of them will show she is the person you see in the pictures.

It's all about Sacrifice, not the amount! How much are you willing to sacrifice for the one that you serve?

Getting her attention

Show and prove you are worth of her attention in order to be accepted as one of her pets. You will never be hers until you get here attention.

Broke Slave you are not worthless 

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There are ways to you serve even if you are broke and you can be worth something to her. This will benefit her. Remember, it is about her. I can show you how. You might even get her attention and make enough money to spoil her with some of my tips. Until you get there. I can show you how you can benefit her and serve her.

Make it up to her

So, you made a mistake and you need to make it right. Here are a few tips on how you can do that. I am not going to be easy on you here.

What's so sexy about financial domination? It's the rush of surrender complete control of the goddess that you worship from head to toe. It's about supremacy and admitting defeat and handing over complete control. To hand over your mind over completely. It's the MindFuckery of losing complete and total control a little at a time until you realize that you are lost in her world and you have complete control. You do whatever she says. Financial domination makes it more real than ever because you are making monetary sacrifice in order to please her. Isn't that all that you want? To know that you are not spending on luxury items so she can. It's all about the sacrifice and the realness of it that turns me on. You should be at home being at her every beckon call.

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