Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs

Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs
Financial domination guide

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A little advice for new slaves

Everyday there are a handful of new dommes entering the scene lost and not knowing what they should do. There are also less than half of that amount of new slaves who just hear about the financial domination fetish and are completely lost as well. They don't know what they should do. They are not sure how to get the domme's attention. Just like new dommes, new subs often make the wrong move and get labeled as a "time waster" or "wanker" and some genuinely want to please a domme. Some end up getting scared away and don't return. Some actually have potential to be a good slave. They just need to be shown the right direction. 

And there are those that are truly wankers and don't deserve the time of the day of any domme. There is this domino effect in financial domination. A new domme get her time wasted or screwed over by a wanker and in return she decides it's not worth trying to be a good domme. She then decides to screw over every slave that she comes in contact with. Those slaves are discouraged and out of revenge on every other domme they decide it's not worth being a good slave and waste the next "innocent" domme's time and the pattern continues.

I am getting a little ahead of myself. This blog post is about how a sub should get a domme's attention. I am going to give to pointers on what is expect of a sub in financial domination. You see a domme's website, blog, profile and want to so badly to serve and please her but you don't know what you should do first.

First, get to know everything there is to about her without having to contact her. Follow her blogs, follow her on twitter, read her website and rules. Every domme has a set of rules of what they expect from their sub. Every domme is unique in their own way. Find out what rules they have and be sure that you are able to follow them.

"I am not sure if she is the right domme for me." Many subs have that dilemma. Guess what? It's not really the domme's problem and she shouldn't have to prove herself to you. You, my friend, need to prove yourself to her. She has a website the show you what she is about. "How am I going to be sure?" Most dommes these days have clip stores, PTV buttons and blogs that brag about their past sessions. Clips aren't usually that expensive. It's a great investment on both of your time and a great way to find out if she is the right domme.

"How can I get her attention" This is financial domination. The best way to get a financial domme's attention is to send her a tribute. They do like extravagent gifts but don't be afraid if you can't afford them. Small gifts are nice as long as they are constant. Send her a gift from her wish list. Send her a small tribute. Send her an e card to her favorite store. Mix it up a little bit. Let her know that you want to please her that she is a main priority. Make a fan art and write a poem or letter of admiration and send it to her without expecting anything in return.

"How should I contact her" I think you are ready for your introduction after buying her gifts, clips, sending tributes and reading everything that there is to know about her. Some dommes have slave application or contract that they want the slave to fill out. Answer all require questions if they have that. Insert your own paragraph of introduction. Remember, be honest and a gentleman. Think with your head on your shoulders; not the one in your hands.

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