Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs

Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs
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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Short tip: be careful what you put out there

I have a few girls email me asking if people from school, work and family members/friends would be able to find their financial domination page. The answer is that it's a big possibility. Don't put what you don't want people to find. It's a possibility that it can haunt you one day. It could still be out there even if you delete it. Think before you put things like videos or photos out there. It's also a big privacy issue as well. You can have fun with costumes or disguises if you feel like you must or crop out your head if you really feel like you need to. There is nothing stopping your customers from posting your photos and videos that you sell on the internet for everyone to see on various vanilla sites. There the DMCA law but it could be too late even if you get it taken down because someone could have seen it or someone might saved it and posted it. It's really hard to find all photos of you around the internet.

Just think about what you put out there. Think if people would be able to recognize you easily. Is this what you really want the world to see? Many girls post photos and videos on their site where they are recognizable and they freak out when someone recognizes them. Just think about common safety and privacy rules and double check your public photos and videos if it's what you really want to see. Don't let people finding out discourage you. Just be extra cautious and make wise decisions.

Good luck

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  1. Although seems like common sense it is important to know how to protect yourself! Even us males have to watch out!


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