Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs

Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs
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Chronological Order

Where to begin? Begin with these Financial Domination PTV's. They are the basic findom guide payment buttons that will help you get started.

Putting yourself Out there
It's hard to get started and know where to begin. You feel you are ready to step into the Financial Domination world but where do you get started? Don't worry, I will guide you in the right direction.

Getting to know your Slave
You are at your first session with your slave and you don't know how to get started. I get the question several times. You have them hooked but now what do you do from here. You are at a writers block. This PTV is a quick and simple guide and how to

Creating your Inner goddess
Let your alpha female shine out. Confidence is the key. This reading will have some techniques on bringing out your inner goddess.

Clips - A few PTVs on Clips

Introduction to clips

I want you to start off with this small introductions to clips and where to get started with your clips. This is how to guide in getting started with your clips and

Maximizing clip profits

It takes marketing skills and hard work to produce that perfect clips and to maximize the most profit in your clips.

Getting to know the fetishes
There are many fetishes out there. I am going to go over the most known fetishes in Financial domination and show you how to profit from each fetish.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Few things on safety

Many young girls enter the scene forgetting the possible safety repercussions of being an online financial dominatrix. Yes,  your safety can be at risk if you're not cautious or smart. There are many psychos on the internet. You have to be careful whenever dealing with strangers online even if you're a badass Dominatrix. I am going to talk about safety precautions you should take when it comes to safety.

Amazon Wishlist
The other day I got a question about amazon wishlists. This person didn't realize that a person can receive the shipping adress once they purchase something on amazon through third party shipping stores on amazon. Look at anyone's wishlist and you can see that Amazon does reveal the City, State and the recipient. First, you need to make sure that you have the "third party shipping option" unchecked when you edit the profile of your wishlist. Have your items shipped to a P.O box. It's more private than sending it to your home address even though the person can still wait by the post office to see you come and get your package. It's very unlikely. A better option is to accept E cards sent straight to your email. Your email address is the only information that they will have. You should have a separate email just for financial domination.

There are a few payment methods you shouldn't accept or only accept if you truly trust the person.
  • Paypal- First, They DO NOT accept adult transactions. They haven't for a long time. Your personal information is easily available through this method. Try sending/receiving payment with a friend and family to see what information they have available. Too personal. I advise you to have a business account if you plan on using this with any stranger online: adult transaction or regular transaction.
  • Western Untion: they need your real first and last name and city and state
  • Bank transfer: ONLY with people you truly trust. Financial Slaves aren't USUALLY trustworthy
What are the best payment methods:
  • Niteflirt: It's anonymous and it's through a trust third party store
  • Clipstores: Clips4sale, Kinkbomb and other clipstores have added the tribute function in clip stores.
  • E cards: Many stores have the e card option and all they need is your email
The above is only popular one's that I can think of at the moment. I will update this when I find more information and with more questions. Remember be safe and smart. Do you research before beginning. Not everyone can be successful in this. This isn't a get rich quick scheme. It's an actual fetish that many enjoy and I find that you can truly enjoy this fetish if you are genuinely interested and remain safe.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Short Tip: keeping a slave interested

One of the main questions people ask is how do they keep a slave. They get them interested, get their first tribute, and their first session and never hear from them again because they don't know how to keep them interested. One of the main problems is that you have to get know your slave. Not every slave is the same so the same method will work for every slave. That's why you have to get to know their interests. Have a slave application where they can buy via niteflirt, or even have it available for free publicly, and make them fill it out. Ask whatever questions you find fit in order to get to know your slave. I.E: their fetishes, limits, etc. The first few minutes will be getting a feel for the slave and you will find out what works. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have them write a journal entry for you to read so you will find out how you did.

"Why buy the milk when you can have the cow for free?" I know many of you, if not all, have heard this saying before. Why would they want to come back if you have given them everything they want. Don't give them a quick release if you want them to come back. They will enjoy the tease and they will come back for more and MORE!

That's it for my short tip. It's only a small amount. I might go further in one of my new payment buttons. This was one of my frequent asked questions so I decided to write about it today. I am not ignoring you when you ask questions I just get asked so many questions daily so I tried to make the most asked questions available. Ask anything so I know what I need to write about next.

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