Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs

Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs
Financial domination guide

Friday, October 27, 2017

Making the most of each Holiday

Making the most on the holidays is what we all want to do especially since it is that time of the year to be generous.

This PTV which is only $1 will give you some tips on how you maximize on the Holiday spirit.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

What's so sexy about Financial domination?

It's the total control of having total control or giving total control. It's about complete and total submission and giving it away. Financial Domination always existed even though it wasn't called that. It's so easy to get lost in the world. It's about real sacrifice. Once you enter a real relationship, you will be able to feel a satisfaction from both sides. We all love power. It's very important. These days, Money is what represents real power. Handing over that money is what symbolizes giving up that power. It's really hard to do but it is also sexually thrilling. It's what's so exciting the most. Seeing your power grow as someone else relinquishes it over to you and to have complete control of someone else. Not only do you control his money but you control everything else as well: his activities, orgasms and much more. This is what turns me on about Financial's all about POWER! Total and Complete control! And them submitting fully to your will. It's a thrill and I LOVE IT!

Using tease and denial to get in his mind

"Seduce him with what he desires more and lure him into the edge. What does he desire the most? What makes him weak? Use his weakness to your advantage"

Figure out what makes him tick. Get into his mind and make him fully submit to him. The best way to control his finances is to control his orgasms. Once you have that control then you are in his mind and he is yours for the taking. They are so easily manipulated when they are horny. That is why the art of tease and denial is a important art to learn. I have input a scenario in this Niteflirt Pay to View so you can see it play out in action.

Are you wasting your time - advice to a reader

It is about productivity. It's about each and every second you put in this fetish. Are you benefiting from your time in all of your actions? How much time are you putting in your work and how much are you getting out of it? You need to ask yourself that. Are you spending too much time with  time wasters? I hope you are not wasting such precious time when you can put actual work into yourself. How high is your presence? What you put out there is as important as how much time you put into it. Is what you are adding making you look bad or good? It doesn't matter how much time you put in it but the ending result. You can spend a few seconds and didn't try hard but get great results vs. putting a lot of time and effort into something and get nothing out of it. Before you have made yourself public. Create the presence that you desire to be out there.

Someone asked me how much time they should spend trying to prove they are the person behind the pictures. None! Your time is important and shouldn't be wasted on that! Don't get me wrong guys. I know you have been duped and I understand that you need to be sure that have been duped by some one using a picture and claiming that they are that person to find out that they are not them. I am talking about taking a time investment to prove that you are real in your page right away so they can see that you are real instead of them having to ask for it. You should have enough clips or proof that they don't need to ask. Take an investment of your time to put up assurance on your page so there are not any questions about your validity or you will be wasting five minutes of your time with each sub to get past the verification part.

Guys do your research. It is important. Stick your toe into the pool before you diving in. Read their page and get to know them before approaching them so you are not wasting your own time as well

Top few fetishes you will encounter in financial domination

In financial domination, you will encounter many fetishes. It is good to research in the fetishes and become knowledgeable about each one before beginning.  Getting to know these fetishes better will help you understand how you can use them to monetize on them better.

I have some summary of some of the popular fetish and how you can monetize on the fetishes in the best way. 

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