Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs

Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs
Financial domination guide

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting started

Research financial domination through blogs, websites, etc for a few months before entering the scene. Studying financial domination is a good way to learn. Read about subs and dommes opinions about financial domination. Get into the subs mind and get to know what they like.

The best way to get started to to learn about bdsm, fetish, psychology, sociology, s/m, humiliation. Financial Domination is a fetish. You must know about fetishes before you can know about financial domination. This fetish is the ultimate form of servitude. You will need to have the experience of being worshiped and served if you really want to experience financial domination.

You know who really reaps the true benefits of financial domination? Those who are truly into the fetish. It's something that you get or don't. It's one of the most extreme fetishes. Financial Domination can be a fetish alone, but it's more of sugarbaby/sugardaddy relationship: especially if you don't know what you're doing. The research and learning will be worth it for both you and your sub if you truly know what Financial Domination is and you truly experience. It's a real high that I can never get tired of.

Patience is the biggest key. You must have it or you will lose yourself and will never succeed.

Photos: Vanilla and some teasing photos
Getting started on your profile.
Tell them about yourself:
what kind of domme are you (sadistic? Sensual? Both?)
what are you into: fetishes
what are your limits?
your experience
why do you like financial domination? Why did you decide to "manipulate losers"
What are your criteria for serving you?
your stats
What do you expect?
What should they not do when approaching you: Yes this is necessary
Are you princess, goddess, mistress, Queen, etc. ( you will see what I mean when you're researching)
Initial Tribute: Do you expect them to tribute you before contact

In addition, you might want to put some kind of task or directions for your slaves to do before contacting to make sure they are serious in serving you.

Your first slave contact: Get to know them. Know there limits and know their true limits. Get to know their fetishes: tease them with it, get inside their mind and seduce them (not right away). Make the first conversation no more than 30 minutes especially if they don't tribute. See if you have common interest. Do not accept them right away. Let them work for it. Plus, you might not be compatible.

Also, do not use your vanilla email. Make a separate email for Financial Domination

Getting started and getting to know your slave (above) 


  1. Ok this is all great,but I've done all the research,I've joined websites so that any sub can see that I'm real,I've even made a website,now I'm just trying to go to some of the events to maybe put myself out there you know? But I haven't gotten any responses,subs/slaves and I know I'm better than some of the girls on a certain website, yet I don't have anyone! Can you give me some advice of what I'm doing wrong,how can I get my 1st sub and what does it take?

    1. It takes hard work and patience. It won't happen overnight...keep up the hard work. Confidence is also a key and natural dominance.


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