Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs

Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs
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Chronological Order

Where to begin? Begin with these Financial Domination PTV's. They are the basic findom guide payment buttons that will help you get started.

Putting yourself Out there
It's hard to get started and know where to begin. You feel you are ready to step into the Financial Domination world but where do you get started? Don't worry, I will guide you in the right direction.

Getting to know your Slave
You are at your first session with your slave and you don't know how to get started. I get the question several times. You have them hooked but now what do you do from here. You are at a writers block. This PTV is a quick and simple guide and how to

Creating your Inner goddess
Let your alpha female shine out. Confidence is the key. This reading will have some techniques on bringing out your inner goddess.

Clips - A few PTVs on Clips

Introduction to clips

I want you to start off with this small introductions to clips and where to get started with your clips. This is how to guide in getting started with your clips and

Maximizing clip profits

It takes marketing skills and hard work to produce that perfect clips and to maximize the most profit in your clips.

Getting to know the fetishes
There are many fetishes out there. I am going to go over the most known fetishes in Financial domination and show you how to profit from each fetish.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

How to maximize your profits during the holidays

 The holidays are closer than you think. It the time that you should be working the hardest. The earning potential and opportunities are the highest. This is the time to network. Create a plan and market yourself through several platforms for each project. 

Buy now to start on your holiday earnings 

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Please read the safety tips before anything else

 As always, all safety tips are free. Most of these rules can be applied to any online situation. It’s always good to be smart. I have seen many new girls enter the scene and the worst thing you can do is enter not having the knowledge about how to keep yourself safe online in any one line situation . The other worse thing you can do entering the online financial domination scene is thinking this is a get rich quick scheme. It takes hard work, consistency, the actual love for the fetish, and a certain kind of talent. I try to stress that this advice is not advice to get rich quick but to help guide you in the right direction and understand the fetish better. 

I have been inactive for a while as well as my email. This has caused my email address to become shut down. I haven’t tried to log in so the email address in my blog is currently not working.

Also, please feel free to go to the safety post and share any tips or your experience with safety to help out the girls. If anything, safety tips should be open to share.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Soviet mistress

Everyone please welcome back our guest blogger Soviet-Mercedes. She is a returning guest and will be a recurring guest. I am excited about this post because it sends a positive message. 

Please send me an email for any inquiries about becoming a guest writer. 

Visit her sites listed at the end of the blog.

Hello My fellow Goddesses!

As many have been asking Me about My work and how to get started, I figured I’ll answer here what I tell them all.

Echoing all these beautiful posts already written here, I can not emphasize this enough:

This is not an easy and get rich quick-kind a thing.

If you think you are going to be an exception of that, I am afraid you will be wasting your precious time.

But onward from here, my main tips would be:

1.      -Understand the fetish that you cater for. Read up on it. Practice. Explore

2.      -Treat this like a business (even if you aren’t one).  The more serious your approach, the more serious your results.

3.      -Be patient! I know it can feel like forever, but in your downtime there are plenty of things to do such as working on you (and your brand), reading up and practicing on your knowledge or technology and even things such as making pictures you can upload later!

4.      -Try not to get stuck in the negative things and setbacks. You will have your time wasted, you will make mistakes and you will wish you had done things differently. That is ok! It is all a part of the process

5.      -Most importantly: do not compare yourself to others; realizing what others show online is glamour and glitter, however most of the top Dominatrix’ have been at it for many years.
Allow yourself to be a beginner

The last thing I have to say is: Good luck and also ENJOY!!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Practice BDSM without the financial domination

This is part of your research stage. First, you must learn about yourself in the BDSM world and learn what kind of style.

There are sites like (not a good site for financial domination) and that you can learn and practice your skills. Sometimes it's good trying to be a switch to try to get into the sub's perspective. This is a great way to expand your dominant side and learn about new fetishes without the pressure. You don't have to have your Financial Domination persona on those sites since you are in the research stage and are trying to find yourself. Being a sub helps you get into their head better and understand them. It's like starting from the bottom at a job and moving up. You understand your subordinates better when you were in their shoes  which will make you a better manager vs. those who just start as a manager.

You usually want to not try to mix your findom persona with those you are trying to experiment with especially if you are not aware of what you are doing. You are going to make mistakes and you don't want to have your findom persona attached to your mistakes

Financial Domination is the most extreme for of commitment from the submissive. You must learn about the other steps before going professional. Learn about the total power exchange dynamics that comes into play when you are taking control. This is best if you are not used to being in control and need to get in touch with your dominant side.

Try not to mix financial domination with your learning experience until you are done with your training period and introductory period into the femdom world. There are several social media sites and forums to meet like minded people to help you explore the fetishes that come before financial domination. You might be able to graduate the subs you find in your learning experience into financial domination if they are interested.

Good luck in your learning experience.

Friday, February 22, 2019

What to do before putting yourself out there?

Stop right there! Not another move! 

There are things that you need to consider before putting yourself out there. There first impression is very important. You want to create a positive everlasting first impression in the financial domination world. It can either break or make you. You need to be prepared before you decide you put yourself out there. You want to be ready. Have everything looking good. It's important if you want to maximize your profits.

Before putting yourself out there

Buy from FinDommeHelp through
This is a guide on what you need from the beginning and prepare so you can maximize your profits.

It's imperative that you are prepared. You have all the content that's needed. You do not want to present a blank page. You want to have your whole story out there. Have a lot of content out there so you can make more money and have more stuff to sell from the beginning.

What do the subs like about financial domination?

Let's all be honest with ourselves for just one minute. What excites us, the domme, about Financial Domination? It's the money and gifts. Receiving money from our subs as a form of appreciation or a nice little surprise gift is always a great bonus! The bigger the money the better...right? It's not just the money for me. It's about what the money represents to me. It represents their sacrifice! It's about their total submission and servitude! The sacrifice of money turns me on because of the symbolism of it.

Now take all of that thrill and extra symbolism away...BOOM! The thrill is gone. It means nothing to me. There is no relationship between me and the sub. I will get bored. Yes, the money is great but I always want submission behind the money.

We have looked at the dommes perspective of the relationship. Now let's look at the slave's perspective and what makes them tick.

The sub is in it because of the thrill as well. It's a mutually beneficial relationship. They are in sub space. A certain phrase, image or action put them in sub space and anything can bring them out of it. When they are in sub space, they are more open to you as a domme and are more desperate to go deeper in sub space.

Make them beg to pay Niteflirt PTV
Buy from FinDommeHelp through - Get them in sub space

What turns them on about financial domination? It's about the power exchange. They want a strong, confident woman that has the power and that can easily destroy them or manipulate them. Being confident is definitely not being desperate and begging for money.

What do subs desire? It's about confidence! You don't have it? Get it or you will not be successful! Start off by reading my PTV "Creating your inner goddess" Confidence illuminates your beauty.

Why Money? The ultimate submission is what they desire. They want to sacrifice for their goddess and worship them. Their goddess to them is unattainable. They want them to control them and they want it to feel as real as possible. Sacrificing their money is real to them and it's real to you as well. They love to see what you are using their money on so they can know how they affected their life in a positive manner. It's the closest they will get to you.

They might even want to go deeper and have you control their finances and keep track of their spending habits and make them cut down on their luxuries.

It's about a connection to them based on what they are currently seeking. Don't think that any sub that has spent a lot on someone will automatically spend on you. They have reached a connection and she has worked really hard to get him into her sub space. Check Out my Payment button on objectifying and isolating them as an example.

It's also about sex! Sex sells. They love the sexualization of Financial Domination. Sex and money go great together. They little phrases or images that turns them on. Each slave is different but the main reason they are into financial domination is because it turns them on. The act of ultimate sacrifice turns them on. It's starts with that one moment at the strip club and they want more.

The relationship. It's about the connection. They want to build a long term relationship...not all. Some have felt this connection and are willing to build a relationship. This will be the best relationship that they have ever experience. Keeping your slave Niteflirt PTV talks about building relationship and keeping a rapport.

Beginner Safety Mistakes

I have started this blog to help guide new girls understand financial domination and help them understand the fetish so they can know what financial domination is and is not about so they can know if it right for them. Another main reason I started this blog is to educate them about the safety issues involved with financial domination so they don't have to learn the hard way. One thing each person should know is to understand online safety before engaging in Financial Domination. Please don't expose yourself to these dangers.

There are a lot of risks involved. The online world is very dangerous even if you are the one in charge. There is a lot of obsession involved in financial domination when you appear "unattainable" to them. It just takes one moment of anger from the subs to take them out of "sub space" and try to stalk you. I am not trying to scare you into believing all subs will come out to get you. That is not my goal. I am trying to help you understand the risks that could be involved and understand what you put out there.

I have written articles about safety but after monitoring I have seen so many girls make these small mistakes that lead them to their true identities being exposed where you can find their personal profiles, address, etc. They all make the same mistakes when they first start.

  1. Amazon wishlist - you can see the name and city and state on the Amazon wishlist. Also, there is a risk that they can see the address that is attached to the wish list. Please be sure to add a P.O box out of your city or even just accept gift cards.
  2. Email address - do not have your personal email address attached to anything related to financial domination. Create your own email address specifically just for financial domination and don't have it attached to your personal email in any form. Do not have anything with your real name sent to your financial domination site. Do not have your personal email address as a back up
  3. Passwords - do not use the same passwords for everything especially for those link sharing sites. Some can be easily hacked and they can try to use that password for your other social sites
  4. Social media sites - do not have them attached to your personal sites or connected if you want to keep your personal site separate from each other. Please be mindful of the personal stuff you share to make sure it doesn't lead to them discovering who you are on social media. For example, I have seen a girl talk about her old school and I was able to determine about that little information what town she was in and 
  5. Website - using hosting sites can show the information about the owner of the site when someone searches the website. Make sure you use your business name whenever you purchase domain names so they cannot track your real name if they are researching your domain name. I have a project for you. Look up your website at your hosting site and see what information they show to anyone who looks it up. 
  6. Pictures - be mindful of the pictures that you post. They can lead back to your real identity. Look at the background items in your picture. Do they have your personal information laying around? It's best to clean your area before taking pictures or videos and have an empty background other than props. 
  7. Tribute - taking tributes from western union requires you to give out your information. It's a risk. I understand that it is convenient and you get 100% of tribute but please use good judgement. I see that some of the new girls openly uses western union for anyone. You have to give out your first name, city and state. If you live in a small town please use the closest big city. Paypal will show the name and email address connected to the paypay as well. In addition, paypal doesn't accept adult transactions. 
  8. Talking about personal trips they are going. Yes it's exciting! I know to share this wonderful vacation you are going to. Guess what? That leaves you open to having them follow you on the trip. The best thing to do is not state exactly where you are going, the exact hotel, what pool you used especially before your vacation. The extra small details should be after your vacation and only those who you trust. 
  9. Sharing personal details in your social media like how you days was, where did you go or any landmark could possibly expose your secret identity. 
  10. Not separating your personal social from your financial domination sites completely. Make sure you have a business name, email address, and photos that are not used on your personal sites. Even photos you can do a web search to see if they are connected. 
These things are not off limits. Use your own judgement on what you feel comfortable using. These tips are for those who want to keep their personal separate. Please be mindful of your actions and practice safety protocols when you are first discovering yourself in the Financial Domination world. I hope these tips have helped you out. 

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