Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs

Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs
Financial domination guide

Financial Domination Guide

Tips on getting started, safety, getting the most from each slave

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


The $1 deal is over. I extended it longer than I stated. I will do this at the beginning of each year. The prices are up to $2 dollars. I am happy that I am able to help new people who are curious about Financial Domination so they can get an understanding of what it is before they jump in and make sure they are being safe when they are practicing instead of making assumptions and being unsafe. Please read this post if you are a first time reader to get some tips on safety. Those who have advice to add to this post let me know and I will give you credit. The best place to reach me is through niteflirt.

I was thinking about have a guest advice column to add more content. This blog is advice from my own experience but I know everyone has different experiences and advice to offer. I will have a new guest blogger that I will feature and you can promote yourself as well. I will give you credit and you can add any links you like. I will add your post just the way you write it so make sure you write the way you want viewers to see.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

It's takes hard work to get started

First, I would like to say that my email is currently unavailable and I am working on that. You can contact me through my niteflirt in the mean time. The only thing with niteflirt is I cannot send you links to outside sources or their competition. It is against their terms. I can help you with niteflirt through there. 

I have been asked to explain what they need to do to get started and how long it takes to get yourself out there. It is hard work. It is not easy money fly in your lap work. You have to be able to put in hours a day in order to get yourself noticed. Okay, your noticed...what do you have for them? How can you separate yourself from your competition. Yes, I say competition even I feel like we are like sisters. Please do not ever get catty when you started. So I am going to explain to you the hard work.

First, you have to have content before you put yourself out there. You have to brainstorm on the outfits, pictures, clips, blogs and sites. You want to make sure you have rich content. Creating and editing these contents takes hours for me. I recommend you create the content before you think about making your presence. You have to think about what you are going to say. You have to design your content and your website or find a designer. I like to make an animated graphics for my clips. You have create payment buttons, banner to use for advertisement in different sizes and introduction pages. It takes me an hour to write a blog. I signed up for many fetish sites and clip site in order to create a more following. Every person uses different sites and you can reach out to more people doing that.

The fun part was creating wish list and a tribute page to let them know how they can spoil me. You really want to make this page pop

I also took time to create rules, introductions, slave application, etc. I have it available where those who are interested know what they need to do in order to get my attention before they approach me. Those who don't follow will not get my attention.

Now you have to work on the social media marketing and decide which sites you want to market your sites and contact every single one of them. They would want your put their banner on their site so you need put your banner their. You also have to sign up for different social media platform and participate in order to get noticed. Think of good keywords to use for what you are trying to attract.

I spend a lot on social media sites to put myself out there when I have a new clip, journal, payment button.

Creating PTVs take a while because I am working on creating an interaction and making a fun game with each PTV and putting photos in them and keep them playing and paying. Brainstorming each payment button takes a long time as well because I create a few for each niteflirt game.

So how long do I put in my work a day? I spend at least three hours making clips, taking photos, writing journals, tweeting, updating my site, uploading my clips to different platforms, creating graphics for my clips and marketing myself. The beginning part was the most time consuming but I found it enjoyable. Do you think you can put this much time in becoming successful?

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Special annual deal

All PTVs will be $1 until the end of the month of March 2017. They will go up after March. Take advantage of this deal while it lasts

Friday, November 18, 2016

Getting them to spoil you

Great ways to entice them to spoil you. It's the holidays and we all need to be spoiled your wishlist i still full and you need someone to empty it? Here are some great tips to make it happen. Some of these are a little extra work but hard work pays off.

Short tip - Publicly acknowledge those who have done good not those who have done bad

I see several posts from dommes about some random guy who wasted their time. I don't believe in that. Yes, we should be aware of people who are time wasters and the usernames they use so we can be aware if they ever approach us. I think that should be in a private post where only dommes can see it. It would bring too much unwanted negative attention. The time wasters will get off on that. I rather see the positive posts about those who have done what they are supposed to and posts about getting a lot of money. That will bring more positive attention. They get off of seeing posts from dommes about how they wasted their time. I know I would have if I saw post about how I wasted your time. I would want to see how many post I can get from different people. Let's see more positive post and you will get more positive attention from those who will not waste your time. I definitely do not want to attract the negative attention. I remember I made a post about someone who wasted my time and I got nothing but time wasters trying to contact me after that post.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Advice for subs

I got an email asking for advice for subs. I haven't forgot about you. I have created a PTV based on many frequently asked questions. I am also creating a sub corner where I will have resources for you. More to come for you.

I understand how hard it can be to find the right one to serve. It's harder to get her attention than finding her. You met the girl of your dreams and want to serve her but you do not want to disappoint her. First impressions are very important and they will stick. She will remember your first interaction so you want to make it great and everlasting. 

How to get the most money of each slave?

Have you been getting money slaves but they have been spending so little? Do you want to learn how to hook them in and get them to spend a lot with you? Are you envious of the girls that get the big spenders? Some just don't have the money but other do. It doesn't come easy to them. They have mastered the art of seduction, financial domination and mind fuckery. It's an art to do this. Some come naturally while others need to master this art.

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