Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs

Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs
Financial domination guide

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Niteflirt, clips4sale,etc and Financial Domination Social Sites

There are social sites for fetishes and financial domination. The first site you want to join is Fetlife: it's not exclusive for financial domination but it will help you learn about fetishes, bdsm, etc. You need to know about fetishes and the psychology of fetishes in order to understand Financial Domination.

Other Social Sites: Myspace, Facebook, Twitter,, livejournal, etc.

Niteflirt is a phone site that many dommes use to talk to their slaves. Be sure to learn their TOS before signing up. They don't have to know your number in order to use this. It's through a third party company. It's a great way to earn better income and connect better with your slaves. You can also go on cam while talking to them. What can you sell through niteflirt? Photos, videos, tasks and anything you can think of. Be creative, have fun and use your own ideas!

Is a new phone site just like niteflirt.

Clips4sale is the first clips sites before other clip sites was created. Yes, it does give you less percentage, but they give you more customers and viewers. What do you do with clips4sale? It's like a cam session. You make it feel real like you're actually sitting right in front of them and giving them orders. They also have an image4sale section. It's up to you to decide which fetishes you enjoy and what kind of clips you will make. Make it your own. Do not copy other girls clips.

Clip Image Preview: Find a Gif Generator and find the best part of a clip to create an GIF image. Yes, the clipstores choose random photos, but they do not pick the best scenes of the clips. You want them to see you at your best in your clip: not when you're blinking.

Kinkbomb is another clips site which you can sell your clips. It allows you to receive tribute through there. I will let other girls tell you what they think about kinkbomb. They do allow tributes and give a bigger percentage.

Clipvia is new clip store. Their tribute percentage is 90%. I haven't heard any complaints so far. They are having a good start.

Blogs: You will have to have a blog so people could learn about you. Many subs use blogs to help them decide if they want to serve that person.

Top Blogs: Livejournal, blogger, wordpress and sensual writer. You can even have all and just copy and past one post in each blog if you want to go through all of that trouble

Twitter: Twitter helps you connect better with your followers. It's also the best way to make friends with other dommes. You can also promote your links: blogs, wishlist, clipstore, niteflirt, etc.

This PTV below will help you learn how to put yourself out there as a financial domme

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