Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs

Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs
Financial domination guide

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Making the most profit from your clip

Yes, we love the sound of money coming in each way. You know the income flow you will have in financial domination is selling your clips. They want a taste and are willing to pay for that. That pocket change adds up especially if you create the right content and market your content right. Of course, that big spender is good when they come every now and then but you want to earn some extra $money$ while you are waiting...right? It takes the right content, knowledge and marketing tools to be able to attract and retain attention. Not only do you want them to buy your clip, but you want them to come back and buy more. I will help and guide you in the right direction to create those loyal subs so you can get the most profit from your clip.

Let's say you attract all of these subs to look to see that you are selling your stuff. What are you doing to get their attention even more to make the purchase? The content is just as important as the advertising. Also, there is a whole web of subs that would be interested in the fetish you are catering to. It's important to reach out to every one of them. How are you going to make sure you are utilizing everything to reach the world wide web to let them know you have product that they are interested in buying. Okay you got them to try to purchase and try your product. Is the content good? Are they going to enjoy it? You want to make sure they reach their satisfaction so they come back to make sure they buy your new stuff. Make sure you create a high percentage of people who buy your product vs those who looked at it and those who remain loyal. The key is research, plan, create and advertise. This PTV will guide you through each of those steps.


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