Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs

Financial Domination for new Dommes and subs
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Chronological Order

Where to begin? Begin with these Financial Domination PTV's. They are the basic findom guide payment buttons that will help you get started.

Putting yourself Out there
It's hard to get started and know where to begin. You feel you are ready to step into the Financial Domination world but where do you get started? Don't worry, I will guide you in the right direction.

Getting to know your Slave
You are at your first session with your slave and you don't know how to get started. I get the question several times. You have them hooked but now what do you do from here. You are at a writers block. This PTV is a quick and simple guide and how to

Creating your Inner goddess
Let your alpha female shine out. Confidence is the key. This reading will have some techniques on bringing out your inner goddess.

Clips - A few PTVs on Clips

Introduction to clips

I want you to start off with this small introductions to clips and where to get started with your clips. This is how to guide in getting started with your clips and

Maximizing clip profits

It takes marketing skills and hard work to produce that perfect clips and to maximize the most profit in your clips.

Getting to know the fetishes
There are many fetishes out there. I am going to go over the most known fetishes in Financial domination and show you how to profit from each fetish.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Financial Domination is personal

Making the most from your personal Slaves

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"Know what makes them Tick. Get in their head and use that to your advantage. What make them weak? Use those triggers. You can do this for your slaves that are more on a personal level because it is personal with them. You know this"

Recognize the most subservient slaves that cater to your whim and you will start to attract those kind of slaves. Recognize the low level time wasters and you will waste your time. They make the most sacrifice for your pleasure. 

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